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Work with us - Beautifully British Magazine
Beautifully British Mock Magazine Covers

Would you like to introduce your brand to the ever-growing audience of people who want to buy British? We’re always looking for British brands to work with

From the successful publishers that brought you The Pattern Pages. Beautifully British is a brand new digital magazine curating, well… everything British.

Digital magazines come with lots more advantages than a printed one! All adverts feature interactive links, so the readers can simply click and be taken straight through to your website. With just a click, which you’ll be able to track easily too.

Back issues are added to our archive which is accessible to subscribers at any time.  Both editorial and advertising have a longer shelf-life and seen for much longer.

To request more information or to view our press pack please drop us an email on

Checkout our successful digital magazine ‘The Pattern Pages’ here.