Trine Oils

Trine Oils is a Beauty and Wellness brand that was started 2 years ago with one product! That is our best selling Pain Relief Oil for Sciatica. It’s hand blended by me to treat the Sciatica pain I had suffered from for a decade. It works so well and I have added products to treat Osteoarthritis and Poor Circulation that I also suffer from. These products can be found in our new Keep Moving Set. I have also developed skincare products using only pure and natural ingredients, nothing synthetic or chemical. 

My products also treat stress and anxiety, sleep difficulties, sluggishness, muscles soreness and skin sensitivity. I use Organic Oils where possible and pure Flower Waters and Essential Oils.

My new Luxury Set brings the heady scent of Rose Maroc Essential Oil in both the Face Oil and Body Oil and also a pure Rosewater Face Mist to soothe sensitive and flushed skin, perfect for anytime of day.

I have just been awarded Most Innovative Natural Health and Wellness Brand UK in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020 for SME’S by SME News and am absolutely delighted! 

Discover my Trine Oils products, made in the UK with love and care. 

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