The Rose Tree

I’m Olga, founder of The Rose Tree. 

I used to have a ‘proper’ job commuting in and out of London, working crazy hours for a big blue chip organisations.  I was a tad stressed, and my skin was not very happy,I now still work crazy hours (smiley) but for myself.  Here at The Rose Tree, I create beauty and wellbeing goodies. Grown up beauty designed to make your life easier, that’s a little clever, and that’s a little easy.

My customers tend to fall into two groups, they’re either in their 30s and 40s and jiggling kiddies and jobs. Or they tend to be  50 upward and juggling busy lives while adapting to their skins changing needs.

I’m all about ignoring the rules, must have products, must have ingredients, it’s exhausting.  Let’s ditch this idea that you need tens of products and a 10 step skincare routine.

Simplicity is good. I’m here to make your life easier, to care for and nourish your skin in an honest way. To nurture and coax tricky into looking the best it can. To calm and soothe and give your skin a natural glow. 

Ready for a change?.  

The Rose Tree is a multiple award winning British beauty brand with a focus on  grown up beauty. Less about looking 10 years younger and more about feeling amazing. The best ingredients for the job, not the cheapest. The finest natural and organic plant oils and butters, selected for their effectiveness. A small boutique producer which offers great service, who manufactures in Britain with a focus on sourcing ingredients ethically and giving back through its partnership with Buy1Give1.  

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