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Tame & Wild Sparkling Drinks

Cheers to fruity sparkling drinks!

Tame & Wild Sparkling Waters Gift Pack
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We think: The Tame & Wild Sparkling Waters gift pack includes one of each of the sparkling drink fruity flavours – rhubarb & elderberry, blueberry & dandelion, strawberry & lime flower and damson & rosehip. It’s a creative and delicious natural alternative to alcoholic options, and comes in these cute little bottles that look like wine bottles with gorgeous labelling so you can enjoy at the same time as others are enjoying a glass of wine.

This sparkling water drink is very light, and bursting with lots of English berries and botanicals. It’s a beautiful extra-special alternative to alcohol. Our favourite flavour is the damson & rosehip – it’s a little different to what you expect from a fizzy water. The water has the rosé wine tint so you won’t feel left out when others are having an alcoholic drink.


Annabel Makin-Jones is a fifth generation British fruit farmer and beekeeper from the Leeds area, and she was inspired to create a natural alternative to alcoholic options! After a night out with her friends where she was driving, she found the non-alcoholic drink options uninspiring! Annabel has researched the beneficial properties that certain fruit and herbs have. From calming lavender and rose that’s great skin to lime flower, which will ease anxiety, Tame & Wild was born!

Tame & Wld takes its inspiration from the English countryside and all it has to offer! The drinks also have a low carbon footprint and help towards eliminating food waste on the farm – even the wonky strawberries are used! Even the bottles, labels and caps are recyclable, and made close to the farm in Yorkshire too!

For more information and to buy visit www.tameandwilddrinks.co.uk 

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