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They produce household cleaners in life-long bottles that are kind to our planet

The hard facts
More chemicals are used in the home than ever before effecting people, pets, wildlife and our planet. We might think our homes are sparkling clean, but poor air quality can affect asthma, COPD and allergies. Cooking, poor ventilation, damp, toiletries and chemicals in cleaning products pollute indoor air. Many cleaning products rely on chemical formulas with toxins to kill germs. The problem is that they can also be toxic to our health and the environment.

We’ve tried:
The Polish

Price – £7.99 for 500ml
We think: Love the lightweight aluminium bottle with trigger spray – it’s so easy to use. Must admit that the smell is slightly acidic like vinegar but could over look this, as the shine on our dining room table was superb! We also felt the table was getting a really good clean as well as a good polish!

The Bathroom Cleaner
Price – £7.99 for 500ml
We think: Another good deep-cleaning product and you really do feel that your bathroom is squeaky clean. It’s good to know that all ingredients are sourced from certified organic growers too! All products are vegan friendly and perfect for householders that want to move away from using harsh chemicals in the home.

You can buy also buy aluminium refills containing two doses of concentrate. Refill stations for life bottles or concentrate bottles can be found at local stockists.

About Squeeky
This Company offers an eco-friendly, 100% natural and plant-based cleaning solution that kills 99.9% of all viruses and germs. Free from toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances and the cleaning products contain essential oils, botanical extracts and minerals, which is good news for children, allergy sufferers, pets and the planet.
The Aluminium Life Bottle is lightweight and looks good on the shelf but more importantly eliminates the single use plastic bottle meaning less landfill waste and carbon impact.  The organic cleaning products available include cleaners for the bathroom, floor, glass, lime-scale remover, multi-purpose, path and patio cleaner and polish.

To find out more about Squeeky cleaning products, visit www.squeekyshop.co.uk

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