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Smart Skin – Multi V Elixir

Smart Skin was founded by Niomi Smart, her goal was to create a space that encourages smart choices, celebrates passion and allows people to take the time to reconnect with themselves during their skin care ritual. They have a passion for doing better by our planet without compromising on high efficacy formulas. They work hard to find smarter solutions wherever possible throughout the design and manufacturing processes. Their mission is to build a community of like-minded people to share their ideas and discoveries with, aiming to provide educational resources for those who wish to expand their knowledge into ethical beauty and wellbeing. 

Niomi Smart’s Morning Skincare Routine:

  1. I start by massaging my Golden Jelly Cleanser onto dry skin and use the Bamboo Cloth soaked in warm water to gently remove the product. The jelly-like texture melts down and turns milky when mixed with the water. This gets rid of any last traces of dirt or makeup – it’s so refreshing! I always use a dry towel to gently dab the skin dry, rather than rubbing harshly.
  1. After I’ve cleansed, I follow with the Super C Moisturiser. It’s my morning ritual to give myself a little face massage while applying the moisturiser. Focusing on releasing tension around my jaw and temples but being extra careful around the eye area. One tip I’ve always carried with me, passed down from my grandma, is never to pull the skin around my eyes. Once it’s stretched, it will never go back – it’s just too delicate!
  1. If I feel my skin needs an extra boost of hydration, which I do often find happens when the weather turns cooler, I use my Multi V Elixir Oil over the top of the moisturiser once it has been fully absorbed. I warm a couple of drops between my fingers and lightly dab over my skin. It’s is a non-greasy oil, so it works well underneath makeup and creates a natural skin barrier for the day ahead.

We tried

Multi V Elixir
Price – £32
Perfect for – Giving your skin that needed boost of nourishment and hydration
Ideal for – Pampering and hydrating your skin 365 days a year
We love – How quick the oil soaks into the skin, not leaving you greasy
We think…
So, we have to admit we’re always sceptical about oils as they can leave you feeling heavy and greasy. But this does just the opposite, this lightweight formula gives your skin all the hydrating needs but without you feeling oily. The Elixir soaks into your skin almost instantly leaving you looking glowy but with an almost matte finish. The elixir is packed with 12 oils to quench the skin’s thirst for hydration and nourishment, minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and improve skin’s elasticity plus to replenish the skin’s moisture and restore a buoyant glow.

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