Roundabout Childrenswear

Roundabout Childrenswear is a British brand of clothes that children love to wear. Jo began Roundabout five years ago and has always put children at the heart of her designs. Shoppers return year after year, drawn to the traditional styles, the versatility and the longevity of the dresses, shorts and trousers. Children love the fabrics and enjoy the magic of the inside out clothes.

Working with a small team of seamstresses, Jo’s workshop is based on the south coast in Hampshire. Initially inspired by the simple A-line dresses of the 60s and with memories of watching her own Mother make them for her. Jo wanted today’s children to experience the joy of wearing something handmade with care and attention to detail.

“What matters most to me is firstly, that children choose my designs for themselves because they are easy to wear and fun. Secondly, that they are made to a high standard so that they stand up to the challenge of everyday wear and can be handed on to friends and family.”. Confident that this is the case and as part of her commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, Jo offers customers the option to return their much-loved items in return for a discount on their next purchase.

Take a look at the Roundabout Childrenswear website for more details.

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