Perilla was born in 2006 because the owner could not find the quality of socks she wanted online. Perilla import their high-quality alpaca yarn from Peru which is dyed in Scotland, knitted in the Midlands and then finished back in Scotland.  

Alpacas originate in the highest plains of South America, the Altiplano, approximately 12,500 feet above sea level. This harsh landscape is inhabited by chinchillas and delicately hoofed alpacas and their rarer cousins, the Vicuna. They thrive where little other livestock can exist. Baby alpaca, called Cria, are always born in daylight hours where they can dry in the warm sun before nightfall which is incredibly cold. 

Alpaca fibre is known as the fibre of the kings. Treasured by the ancient Inca civilisation for thousands of years, the finest fleeces and colours were reserved for royalty. 

Alpaca fibres are long and hollow which fluffs up and traps air so that they can withstand hot temperatures during the day and very cold temperatures at night. The fibre has higher insulating properties than other wools, is as soft as cashmere to wear but incredibly strong and hardwearing. Alpaca fibre naturally wicks away moisture and repels odour and bacteria so socks can be worn for a week or more and stay soft and fresh.

Perilla socks are uniquely made with dyed yarn, and there are 12 ranges of socks in a rich palette of colours that include vibrant, jewel, pastel and undyed colours. Great gift boxes of socks can be put together, sometimes up to five pairs in a box of one type and make a superb gift choice for any time of the year – everybody loves proper socks.

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