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MOA Dreamy mineral soak
MOA Daily Cleansing Ritual
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Meet MOA Magic Organic Apothecary!

So how did MOA all start? In 2010 founder Charlie Fowler went on a journey for healthy living following the birth of her daughter, who suffered badly with eczema. She researched into the alarming long-term effects of the petrochemicals being prescribed to treat it. From this moment it became her dream to produce a simple and effective organic balm to ease the itchiness and discomfort…The Green Balm was born! 

The MOA products combine yarrow with other herbal extracts and botanical oils to help to soothe, cleanse, moisturise, tone and energise. The therapeutic scents and feel on the skin have a nurturing effect on mind, body and spirit. The yarrow is grown on an organic farm in Somerset.

The multi-talented founder Charlie has a background in art and design so she creates all the beautiful hand drawn illustrations that are featured on the packaging. She strongly believes that the entire packaging of a finished product is as important as what’s inside and she doesn’t fault, the product has an amazing luxurious feel from packet to product.

We tried….

MOA Daily Cleansing Ritual

Price – £20
Perfect for – A deep cleanse, remove excess oils and impurities. Great for removing makeup.
Ideal for – Oily, acne skin as well as dry and sensitive skin types.

We think… Wow wow wow this little pot of magic balm is fabulous. It’s super nourishing and does exactly what is claims to do for problematic skin. Emily suffers bad with dry eczema around her nose/mouth area and inflamed, irritated skin and this completely nourished her skin leaving it super hydrated and reduced redness even after just one use. The balm smells divine and the cloth is very very soft. The balm and hot cloth combo leaves you feeling pampered! Love it!

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

Price – £25
Perfect for – De-stressing in the bath and relieving aches and pains.
Ideal for – Those in need of a little relaxation.

We think… The first thing you notice about this product is the scent. Peppermint hits you as soon as you open the bottle. Designed to ensure you have a relaxing time in the tub, whilst it soothes and nourishes you from head to toe. You really don’t need much of this product when using it so be sparing. A little drop goes a long way.

MOA Dreamy mineral soak

Price – from £7
Perfect for – Washing away the worries from your day and preparing your body and mind for sleep.
Ideal for – Calming the skin, relieving aches and pains, hydrate, brighten and increase circulation.

We think… These bath salts are pretty much everything you could ever desire in a bath soak. Calming, moisturising, hydrating, well all of the above. The salts will leave you feeling like you’ve just walked out of the spa.

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