Meet Marleybones And Their Pooch Posh Nosh!

Product ReviewsMeet Marleybones And Their Pooch Posh Nosh!

Meet Marleybones And Their Pooch Posh Nosh!

Marleybones has just launched the first truly transparent and traceable dog food service. The dog food subscription is a sustainable and highly nutritious dog food brand that has nothing to hide. Their meals are made entirely from human-grade ingredients grown or raised on sustainable and ethical farms such as Packington Farm. They contain single-sourced protein, fresh vegetables! As well as bundle of superfoods such as quinoa and chia that are also grown in British soil.

The two founders, Josephine Bager and Mikala Skov, are on a mission to restore consumer confidence in the integrity of dog food and challenge an industry dominated by vague ingredients lists and unverified claims such as ‘natural’, ‘fresh’, and ‘high-quality’! Every step of the product’s journey is available to customers by scanning a QR-code on Marleybones’ meals, leaving no doubt of what the meal contains, where it comes from, who was involved and how the supply chain impacts the surrounding environment.

Josephine Bager, co-founder of Marleybones said: “We’re aiming to improve more than our dogs’ lives but also the lives of farming animals and unnecessary waste. Using real ingredients from conscious farms in the UK helps protect our vulnerable earth and all it has to offer.”

Mikala Skov, co-founder of Marleybones, adds: “When we started, we knew we had to take a different approach to the existing pet food industry. The regulatory standards currently allow by-products that have no nutritional benefits to speak of, in processed dog foods. Coupled with an overwhelming number of claims of content and quality, it becomes impossible to understand what we are actually feeding our dogs.” 

The meals are tailored to each dog based on the daily calories needed for the breed, weight, gender and activity level, and delivered directly to subscribers’ doorstep across the UK – every four weeks. 

Subscriptions are available with price starting at £1.60 per day. Visit to learn more. 

We tried (well Scout tried)…

Price – Price decided on dogs needs
Perfect for – Treating your pooch
Ideal for – Changing your furry friends diet to something not only nutritional but honest
We love – You can trace what ingredients are in the food and where exactly they came from “From soil to bowl”
We think (Scout)…
“I loved my pooch posh nosh, it was very tasty, I lapped it up and was looking for more! I was being such a diva that day I even had it on a big girl plate, woof”

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