Add a touch of luxury to your home with Victoria Cator candles

On Our RadarAdd a touch of luxury to your home with Victoria Cator candles

Add a touch of luxury to your home with Victoria Cator candles

Add a touch of luxury into your home with Victoria Cator

12 stunning fragrances to choose from. You’re definitely going to want to have one of these luxury candles from Victoria Cator in your home. We’ve been lucky enough to try the L’Orangerie scent and can’t wait to share our thoughts on it.

Who is Victoria Cator?

Victoria Cator Profile ImageVictoria Cator London is a new sensual collection of candles created by the London-based interior designer! Victoria has always had a love-affair with the power of fragrance, so decided to produce her own range of luxury candles. These come in a variety of scents that will evoke and create memories for years to come.

Each candle is beautifully crafted with the highest quality wax. They have two wicks and an amazing 50 hours of burn time (270g candle). The candle is encased in a stylish, dark teal green glass holder with gold lettering. This definitely says luxury to us!

What we love about the candles is that each candle has a story to them. So set the scene, shut your eyes and let the candle take you away. The stunning L’Orangerie  could be placed in any room from bathroom to living room to create that fresh, relaxed, summery mood.

Sometimes when burning a candle you loose the fragrance and it blends into the background. But what we found with this Victoria Cator candle, it constantly gives out that fresh luxurious scent (even whilst not lit may we add!).

Victoria Cator L'Orangerie Candle

Victoria Cator – L’Orangerie

This candle would make a great addition to anyones home. The candle retails at £55 for a 270g candle. That’s certainly a small price to pay for the burn time and the continuous scent that the candle radiates.

The beautiful L’Orangerie scent fills any room with what we like to call a ‘holiday smell’. Hints of Orangeblossom, Lemonflower, Jasmine and lots more floral notes make up this little pot of sunshine. In other words, we think you should definitely fill your home with these luxury candles from Victoria Cator, we know we will be!

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