Lola Starr

Welcome to Lola Starr’s fun and imaginative clothing for children, it is the perfect way to give your children the chance to choose their own style! The ultimate personalization; with our unique detachable sleeves and accessories that can be easily removed and interchanged creating a whole new look, basically they are their own little designers, we’re just giving them the tools, how cool is that!

With a wholly British supply chain, Lola Starr owner Kate Hill is passionate about the quality of the products “The purpose behind Lola Starr is for children to express themselves through fashion, exploring & developing their skills & imagination through colours, texture and fabrics. I believe in sourcing quality, durable products which keep the outfits beautiful for longer, garments made well and made to last” The interchangeable and detachable options can take your child’s wardrobe effortlessly, through transitional seasons, offering seasonal versatility and longevity.

Items of clothing that offer more than one way to wear are becoming more and more important as the desire for value (as in multiple-use, season-less colours and sturdy materials) continue to drive kidswear. Our newest design the ‘tracksuit’ keeps true to our brand with convertible features that can be zipped on and off in practical and gender-neutral trans seasonal colours.

Our clothes start form age 3 up to age 13.


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