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Discover the difference that nature can make by bringing organic hydroponics into your home with hydro-herb’s kits. These effortless & sustainable kits are the next stage in growing your own herbs. But without the need for soil, and providing you with fresh home-grown herbs throughout the year.

Hydro-herb kits are 100% sustainable, from the natural ingredients used, to the parts of the kit which are either recycled or entirely biodegradable.

The kits are handmade in Suffolk, using recycled glass wine bottles to reduce material and energy waste. And the capillary matting and plastic bottles are also made from recycled materials.

The kits ‘Jiffy pellets’ use coir (ground coconut husk) rather than peat. Both these and the terracotta pebbles which form the growing platform are all biodegradable. Echoing the desire to give you peace of mind in what you are eating, hydro-herb’s hydroponic solution is produced in the UK, and is a certified organic hydroponic fluid. As well as this certification the solution has never been tested on animals making it truly suitable for vegans.

All hydro-herb kit components are reusable and supplied with enough seeds for two growths. This is just in case your herbs pass away, perhaps due to being loved a little less, or just the vagaries of fate. Spare parts are supplied with each kit and the solution is envisaged to last around two years.

All of our hydro-herb kits are hand made! From cutting and grinding the bottles, to the cutting strips of recycled capillary matting, the filling of solution bottles and the seed bags.

Herbs Available: Basil, Coriander, Curly Parsley, Dill, Flat Parsley, Mint, Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon.

For more details visit www.hydro-herb.co.uk/