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Distinctively Me champions the move towards more sustainable fashion with its approach to made-to-measure womenswear

Distinctively Me from Jill White offers an affordable range of capsule pieces that would work in every woman’s wardrobe. Jill works with John, a fabulous London-based tailor and together they work to make affordable pieces in quality fabrics, designed just for women.

Distinctively me clothing


Fashion campaigner and all-round fashion icon Carolyn Franklin recently committed to not buy from large chain stores and big design businesses for a whole year. She aims to support small conscious brands as well as vintage businesses and up-cycling wardrobe surgery brands. This in itself is a statement to drive the sustainable fashion world.

Fast fashion is no longer in. It’s the slow, more conscious labels that are de rigueur and Distinctively Me is passionate to ensure this is a trend becomes as timeless as the little black dress. By making these small changes you’ll be on the way to a more sustainable wardrobe.


The best way to start looking at your fashion footprint is to find out where your clothes are made. The fewer miles it takes for your piece to get from designer to wardrobe the more ethical your fashion choices will be.

If ever there was a time to support the UK clothing industry it is now. Historically, the UK clothing industry fell into decline about 100 years ago and mass production moved to India and China. Originally high-end tailoring and made-to-measure pieces for men were introduced in Savile Row, however the fashion tide is turning. Distcinctively Me is leading the way to made-to-measure womenswear.

Distinctively Me Range
Clothing made by Distinctively me


Fashion journalists are telling us we need to invest more wisely and they’re encouraging shoppers to ‘do the fashion maths’. Jill White, the founder of London-based made-to-measure womenswear brand Distinctively Me, and her pieces are fashion classics, items that will become the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe. Think classic blazers, Chanel-style boucle jackets, skirts, dresses and perfectly fitting trousers (the holy grail of fashion for us all, surely?).

“Quick fix sale buys, which often turn into a mistake, don’t stack up when you look at the cost per wear. Those £20 trousers that don’t quite fit, so you only wore them once, aren’t a good investment. But if you spend a bit more, think top end high street prices, on a pair that fit you perfectly, you’ll wear them from desk to dinner, from work to weekend. That’s how my clients are approaching style. It’s about creating a really strong, ethical capsule wardrobe of key pieces that will stand the test of time,” says Jill.


Distinctively Me brings quality, style and affordability to women with its made-to-measure range, which are all made in London, and many of the fabrics are also sourced from the UK. Each each garment is personalised to enhance style and individuality with pops of colour in a jacket lining or a leather lapel on a blazer.

“When it comes to fast fashion quality isn’t a priority. But with made to measure it’s about creating a piece that feels right. From boucle to silk, cotton to fine wool, leather to velvet, our fabrics are top quality. It’s this quality that marks our pieces out,” explains Jill.


Made to measure is not only great for the planet; it’s great for our ‘fashion wellness’ too. We all know how high street sizing can be way off the mark. Every every piece is labelled ‘Size Me’ so there’s no more being defined (and depressed!) by a number.

Distinctively me
Distinctively me ‘Size Me’ label

So maybe there’s a silver lining to sustainable fashion after all. It looks like made to measure is the label we should all be wearing this season.

To find out more about the Distinctively Me cltohing range – click here

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