Clean Teeth, Clean Conscience With Happier Beauty!

Product ReviewsClean Teeth, Clean Conscience With Happier Beauty!

Clean Teeth, Clean Conscience With Happier Beauty!

Happier Beauty

Happier beauty create toothpaste with a difference!

Did you know? That every year over 1 billion single-use plastic toothpaste tubes are put into landfill, this is because the plastic cannot be recycled! Happier Beauty tubes are made from aluminium. Which is one of the easiest and cheapest materials to recycle.

It’s incredibly easy to recycle the Happier tubes. Simply use every last drop (using the squeeze key of course!) and put your empty tube in your household metal recycling.

Happier beauty toothpaste is even registered by The Vegan Society. They don’t use SLS, triclosan, parabens, petrochemicals, colours, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners – WOW. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen for the optimum balance of effectiveness with minimal impact on us and the planet.

Happier toothpaste & Squeeze key
Price – From £12 (toothpaste) £4 key
Perfect for – Polishing your pearly whites whilst being eco conscious!
We love – That you can recycle both the tube and the lid – you can even send your lids back to Happier so they can be sterilised and used again!
We think…
First of all you notice the super cool packaging, it’s simple and clean just like the ethos of Happier! How fab is the squeeze key? This little tool makes it so easy to use every drop of toothpaste, with no waste. The toothpaste has a fresh minty taste without being overpowering, but still gives you that squeaky clean feeling every time.

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