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Sometimes the world can seem chaotic and confusing, and we all need to allow ourselves the time to breathe

Breathe Natural Wellness was created by our founder Brooke to encourage people to get more in touch with their mental health and learn to realise when the right time is to take a break. Brooke has always been passionate about people opening up more around their feelings and mental health, with suffering from anxiety and panic attacks herself through her 20s. Although general awareness and support is growing, people still have such a stigma against the concept of mental health, and it isn’t talked about anywhere near as much as it should be.

We sell a bespoke range of handmade botanically scented soy wax candles and other natural wellness products. All our products are made from natural ingredients, which is very much a part of the brand’s DNA. We believe for people to get the true benefits of our products, anything artificial has to be stripped out so the brand is therefore authentic in the way it looks as well as the way the products are made. That’s why our candles are toxin-free and all our products are made up of 100% essential oils derived from botanical plants, known for their ability to calm nerves and boost mood. We’ll never look to use fragrances outside of these sources. 

10% of each product sold is donated to Mind the mental health charity, which helps increase support to those suffering during times of uncertainty.

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