Bowser Leaf Alcohol-free Spirit

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Bowser Leaf Alcohol-free Spirit

There’s a growing trend for non-alcoholic drinks! We’ve recently been gifted the Bowser LEAF alcohol-free gin from Conker – perfect timing for a dry January!

This was a first for us! Of course, we tried alcohol-free lagers but never to replace a spirit! Bowser LEAF is a wonderful alternative to those who like clear spirits like gin. As it suggest by its name, it’s all about the botanicals. Mint, tarragon, patchouli, thyme and basil all come together to deliver a complex alcohol-free drinking experience.

What we think:
When you open the bottle you can definitely smell the fresh aroma of herbs that Conker call honest botanicals. We’d quite happy use this to replace the gin in our G&T. It has a dry taste reminiscent of many gins but with a big botanical punch! We can definitely smell the patchouli. It has a fresh bouquet of savoury green flavour, spice and natural sweetness with a more-ish dryness.

Bowser is distilled in small batch copper alembic pot stills. But instead of spirit alcohol, they harness the essence of herbaceous plants and the purity of New Forest spring water. The spring water being sourced locally just 15 miles from its distillery doors.

This will appeal to those not only looking for a non-alcoholic alternative but those who want zero calories and sugar! It is also vegan-friendly and free from anything artificial! Priced at £20 for 70cl, it can hold its own as a base for a cocktail so… CHEERS!

About Conker

It’s not every day a Chartered Quantity Surveyor throws in the towel to try his hand at making gin! But this is what Rupert Holloway did! Fast forward to the launch of Dorset’s first gin distillery, distilling locally foraged botanicals and bottling by hand. Conker Spirit was born. Read about his exciting story on the Conker website!

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