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It’s time to give your pooch some pampering!

Our pets have become ever more important to us while in lockdown so make sure you treat them! We’ve been gifted some lovely goodies from Sniffe & Likkit.

What was in our parcel: 

Fragrant Fur Coat
This is a 3in1 brightening and conditioning shampoo and has a lovely fragrance. The aromatic and woody scent will be a familiar reminder for your dog of grassy woodlands. This creates a soothing and calming sensation for your dog and a lovely smell for their owners! It gently foams, and packed with a botanical blend of bark-friendly ingredients. This will keep your dog’s coat in tip-top canine condition too. The shampoo is available in a large 250ml. You can also buy ‘mini’ 50ml sizes that are great for when you’re away from home, and a quick bath is needed!

Out and about essentials

Fab Paw
This is new to us! This protection balm is super rich and nourishing (it looks a bit like men’s hair wax). The melting butter balm can calm, sooth and condition dry, cracked skin and minor irritations, as well as protecting your dog from sore paws! Keep this handy little tin in the car for when you travel for longer walks!

No Rinse Charming
This dry shampoo powder looks like talc, and contains a blend of skin and fur friendly organic powder to help draw out dirt and impurities, cleanse and refresh when a full bath isn’t on the cards! Again, it’s perfect for keeping in the car when maybe he/she has rolled in something they shouldn’t! 

These sachets are great for a quick and effective paw-wiping kit for those muddy paws that you don’t want back in the car after a visit to the park. So don’t leave home without a couple in your pocket.!

Give Dog Cologne
Refresh your dog’s fur fast with this perfume-inspired mist. It has a wonderful blend of natural essential oils, fur conditioning agents and botanicals ingredients and smells nice. The mist comes in 125ml or ‘mini’ 50ml sizes.

Home Barking Kit
This was one of our favourite items! What a fun idea for both owner and man’s (or woman’s) best friend! Bake up a treat with this biscuit kit. It contains a special recipe dry mix and super cool silicon paw and bone baking mould! All the ingredients are 100% natural and nutritionally balanced for a healthy diet for your dog. Your dog will be guarding the oven while they bake!

What we thought:
Our dog, Scout was really interested in the parcel when it turned up! As a white dog, she needs a bath regularly and what we loved about the products is the signature scent runs through the entire grooming range. The products felt expensive in the silver packaging, and you won’t mind displaying on the bathroom shelf! The multi-tasking range of products have been formulated to bring great grooming results at home, which definitely has been needed over the last year! Just got the biscuit treats to make this evening!

This is just a few of the lovely items this company has to offer, they’ve certainly put the fun back with these boutique doggy treats! To view the complete range – click here!

About the company…….
Sniffe & Likkit certainly do a wide collection of grooming gifts and treats to keep your hound and home in harmony and all with a big dose of humour! All of the range is made in the UK and use a 100% natural scents alongside natural, active and botanical ingredients, which are vegan-friendly and pH balanced for dog’s skin and fur.
Apparently dogs love a bit of aromatherapy too! Your dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than ours. The company has worked with aroma therapists and some picky pets to create this 100% natural essential oil blend that smell amazing to humans, but also will delight your dog too!

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