Bespoke Luxury Underwear From Anderson/Chiles

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Bespoke Luxury Underwear From Anderson/Chiles

Anderson/Chiles, run by Bernadette, is a British underwear brand. Bernadette creates bespoke, luxury undergarments for both men and women from her studio, that become part of the wearers everyday wardrobe.

Every design created is original and does not compromise on support or shape, offering innovative design, support and premium quality!

It is about time we moved away from this “throw away” society and buy garments that last.

The brand guarantees exclusivity with only a small number of each item being produced, so you can be sure your underwear is unique and designed to celebrate and enhance your body shape.

We’ve been sent a lovely sample of the Mens trunks to share with you all and review.

2 Stripe Micromodal Trunk

Price: £48.50

We love: They’re made from light fibre that comes from beech tree pulp, the fabric is completely biodegradable! YES you heard it right biodegradable boxer shorts!

Our thoughts: When you first get the item out of the lovely packaging you notice the incredible fabric used to make them, it’s super soft to the touch, yet breathable and supportive with the three dimensional pouch. The Burned Out Striped Stretch Velvet stripe gives it a sexy edge whilst still being practical for everyday wear. The thick elasticated branded waistband is the perfect size to prevent rolling and is super comfortable, yet stylish, to match the rest of the garment. Although this item is slightly more expensive than other boxers, you’re buying a high quality piece to last!

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