About us

Welcome to Beautifully British magazine

Hello. We’re Beautifully British magazine, a curated look at everything… well British. As editors and an independent publisher, we’ve noticed a growing demand for British products. As consumers ourselves, it’s not always easy to know the product’s provenance and who you can trust. And currently, there’s no other magazine dedicating its pages to those who want to buy locally!

Why bring out a new magazine?

Within ‘On our radar’ we will bring you the latest news and British made products. So you can start or continue to love buying British.

Brexit may be affecting our reputation abroad, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be impacting the demand for buying British!

The conscious consumer is increasingly prioritising more niche, local products where provenance is easier to trace.

Many of us would like to buy more British products but don’t know where to start so this is where Beautifully British magazine can help!

Who’s behind Beautifully British?

Emily and Julie from Beautifully British Magazine

We’re Julie & Emily and we’re the ladies that brought you the successful ‘The Pattern Pages’ sewing magazine. This time around we’re bringing you a whole new magazine that you’re going to want to read.

Julie has previously worked on a variety of magazines from craft to sewing to lifestyle so it’s safe to say she’s pretty clued up when it comes to publishing. At Beautifully British her role is to gather content for ‘lifestyle’, ‘food & drink’ and ‘handmade’. As well as ensuring social media is running smoothly.

Emily joined The Pattern Pages team in early 2016 after finishing her Fashion degree. She tripped and fell in love with writing and editing (something she never thought she would). Her role within Beautifully British is gathering content for ‘Fashion’ and ‘Health & Beauty’. Also to keep the website up-to-date for all our readers.

Work with us

We’re always looking for British brands to work with, if this is you checkout our
Work with us‘ page.