Beautiful Candles For Your Home From Holistic London

Product ReviewsBeautiful Candles For Your Home From Holistic London

Beautiful Candles For Your Home From Holistic London

Holistic London – founded by Jules and Adrian. The pair started to replace their food and home/beauty products with more natural alternatives. As they did this they started to question how candles were made. They found studies revealing that paraffin – usually found in candles – releases chemicals which can cause problems, affecting your skin and health. They wanted to create a naturally healthy candle. That both themselves and their customers could feel good about burning in their homes.

NEW: Inspired by stunning outdoor settings, the ‘Outdoors Collection’ from Holistic London captures wonderful ingredients in three fresh, clean, and wild fragrances. Ideal to infuse your garden with natural aromas these candles are all natural and organic. Made with high-quality essential oils and eco-friendly soy wax the candles are vegan, cruelty-free and are toxin free.

We luckily got to try one from the NEW ‘Outdoors Collection’. As well as one of their original range candles, and here’s what we thought;


Price – FROM £10
Perfect for – Bringing the outdoors in.
Ideal for – Filling your home with a beautiful scent.
We love – How the fragrance fills the room instantly because of the high quality essential oils.
We think… The perfect candle for burning in your kitchen or dining room, the light, floral even sweet smell will give your room an instant refreshing feel.

Price – FROM £15
Perfect for – Giving you that little lift.
Ideal for – Burning after a morning of cleaning the house
We love – How refreshed it makes you feel.
We think… It’s amazing how a candle can make you feel just from the scents, the peppermint is definitely the stronger oil of the two so if you love feeling refreshed and boosted this is the candle for you.

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