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Bowser LEAF alcohol-free spirit

There’s a growing trend for non-alcoholic drinks! We’ve recently been gifted the Bowser LEAF alcohol-free gin from Conker – perfect timing for a dry January! This was a first for us! Of course, we tried alcohol-free lagers but never to replace a spirit! Bowser LEAF is a wonderful alternative to those who like clear spirits like gin….

Tame and Wild drinks

Tame & Wild Sparkling Drinks

Cheers to fruity sparkling drinks! Tame & Wild Sparkling Waters Gift PackPrice – £12.25 We think: The Tame & Wild Sparkling Waters gift pack includes one of each of the sparkling drink fruity flavours – rhubarb & elderberry, blueberry & dandelion, strawberry & lime flower and damson & rosehip. It’s a creative and delicious natural alternative to…


Hungry communications & the talented Jazz apple farmers have lovingly shared some more beautiful Jazz apple recipes with us to share with you all. This quick and easy Jazz blackberry stack is sure to be a winner with the whole family. Ingredients (serves 1) 1 sheet of readymade shortcrust pastry 2 JAZZ™ Apples 2 dozen…



Jazz Growers from across the UK have come together to create a recipe book of their favourite ways to cook with Jazz Apples. The results are delicious! Jazz apples are a fusion of Braeburn and Royal Gala. The first British Jazz apple crop hit the shops in November 2007 with Greg Wallace helping grower Paul Mansfield to launch the variety! Baked…

Smart skin – Multi V Elixir

Smart Skin was founded by Niomi Smart, her goal was to create a space that encourages smart choices, celebrates passion and allows people to take the time to reconnect with themselves during their skin care ritual. They have a passion for doing better by our planet without compromising on high efficacy formulas. They work hard to find smarter…

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